Redwoods National Forest is Yurok Land

Redwoods National Forest

{Redwood National Forest. Photo by @runs_wild} Guest Post from Jacklyn Holzhauser @runs_wild: “Yurok is Karuk for down river people, our lands stretch from the three sisters rock formation below Crescent City Ca down the coastline to Trinidad Ca, and up the Klamath river from the mouth to the Klamath Trinity tributary. Our people were lucky that after prosecutors and settlers came to the area we weren't removed from our ancestral lands. We still hold our traditional ceremonies and have our language.


Our current land base is from the mouth  of the river and one mile on each side of the river and 44 miles up river. Our language is from the Algonquin language family. We are currently the largest tribe in California with over 5,000 enrolled members.” #publiclandisnativeland