Yosemite National Park is Ahwahneechee Land

Yosemite National Park

{Yosemite Valley originally posted by @usinterior} Ahwahnee, known as Yosemite Valley, is now one of the country’s most famous National Park, an icon of John Muir’s conservation movement and America’s best idea, but before this public “wilderness” was constructed, it was home to the Ahwahneechee People. The Ahwahneechee experienced multiple violent removals from the would be park beginning in 1851 when their villages were burned to the ground by the California Militia and ending in 1969 when their homes were again burned for a firefighting drill. Despite the U.S. government’s claim that the Ahwahneechee are extinct, members of the tribe are still fighting for Federal Recognition and use of Ahwahnee for cultural practices. When you visit Yosemite, remember it is native land and fight with the Ahwahneechee for their right to use it. #publiclandisnativeland