Zion National Park is Southern Paiute Land

Zion National Park

{Zion National Park originally posted by usinterior} Mukuntuweap, known as Zion Canyon, is the homeland and a sacred place to the Souther Paiute. Zion National Park, more than most parks I have looked at, placed the Paiute firmly in the past - even labeling the section on Native people “People of the Past.” Mormon settlement in the valley may have devastated the natural environment, U.S. policy may have forced the Paiute onto reservations, and the National Park designation may have erased “wildernessed” the land and attempted to erase the indigenous history, but none of this changes the fact that this is illegally taken Paiute land. If you visit the valley, help restore Paiute presence by using the geotag “Mukuntuweap” #publiclandisnativeland